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Due to the Covid19 pandemic I now offer online therapy. I see my clients through a varied number of video platforms to suit you.


I am a chartered counselling psychologist and have additional qualifications in trauma therapy and supervision. I have ten years NHS experience in a range of settings, including adult mental health services and GP surgeries. I am currently in independent practice.

As a Doctor of Counselling Psychology my training has been in a wide range of theoretical approaches as accredited by the British Psychological Society and this enables me to work effectively with people with a wide range of psychological difficulties and mental health problems.  


Life is not always easy and can be very confusing at times.  It can throw things at us that are hard to bare and the resulting emotional distress is sometimes difficult to get through on our own.  Therapy or counselling is sought by people of all ages with different experiences and from diverse backgrounds and cultures.  It is a supportive and non-judgemental process, enabling people to explore personal issues in a safe and confidential environment. 

In counselling there is the potential for improving self-awareness and internal resources.  Handling concerns with a greater understanding can lead to a better quality of life and good therapy also prevents relapse to old patterns of relating and unhealthy behaviours.



  • CBT - Cognitive BehaviouralTherapy

  • EMDR - Eye Movement, Desensitisation and Reprocessing

  • Couples Therapy

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